Finally ... 7th Continent Down

We all have goals. Since I was a young boy studying Geography in the 2nd Grade, I was fascinated by the photos of African tribesmen with loops in their ears, plates stretching their lips out like a platypus, Pygmies, Tutus, Zulus, and of course all of the wild animals. Those photos never left my memory and I knew that I wanted to travel the world to see all of that. Then life intervened.

 A European trip as a young man whetted my appetite for more travel and wanderlust. I joined the Army. Lived in Panama, Germany, and Korea and visited the other countries in the regions as I had time. Retired from the Army and worked in Antarctica for six years. Visited Australia (my 6th continent) back in 1998 with my wife, Suzanne. And it's taken this long since then to hit my 7th, and last continent. The weight of that omission burdened me for years. I had tried to get to various parts of Africa over the years but never managed it.

Now, I'm here -- in Ethiopia, and wondering why I didn't get here earlier. Work. It's always work that prevents me from taking time for myself, and I'm sick of it. I finally took the time while working in Riyadh to get here. I'm coming back to Africa. Maybe not Ethiopia, but a good sample of countries that will provide me the knowledge and experience of the various regions of Africa in order to honestly experience the entire continent. 

Poverty. This is what defines Africa. It's also what defines Ethiopia, to a certain extent. That, and the beautiful women here. This place is distinct and so different from the rest of Africa. And for that, I'm privileged to finally be here and to accomplish one of my travel goals. 

Weight is lifted. Now I have the freedom to come and go as I please and experience all that Africa has to offer me. And I never will mention all this bullshit about visiting 7 continents again. Fait accompli.