Sometimes, I Just Shake My Head and Laugh

As I mentioned in a previous post, the local news rag, the Daily Tribune, is published in English for propaganda purposes and distributed to all the western hotels and made available in the coffee shops and cafes for free. The juvenile writing, editing, and content always provides me with entertainment to start my day.

CNN and other western news sources have reported snow falling in the Middle East and Egypt received quite a bit of snow -- for the first time in 112 years. So, it came as no surprise to see a photo of the snow with a caption below it describing the scene. Here is a snapshot of the image from the DT:

Snapshot of a photo and caption from the Daily Tribune (Bahrain) on 15 Dec 2013

As I was glancing at this photo and reading the caption, I noticed the chubby and smiling Orthodox Jew helping to push the car out of the snow, and I thought, why the hell are the Egyptians using Jews to push cars? Then I noticed the Hebrew writing on the car door and the other Orthodox characters in the photo. So, here is another example of the quality of editing found in the local papers here.  We've got a photo from a Jerusalem scene with a caption referencing Cairo. I mean, sure, the difference is only an inch or so on a world map. But culturally and linguistically, they're worlds apart. Wouldn't the writer or editor of the paper, and Arab, have noticed the Hebrew writing and the Orthodox Jews?  I guess not.