Broke Dick in Leipzig

We left the gate at Bangor, got out to run-up area, and sat.  The captain announced that an "indicator" was malfunctioning and that we had to return to the gate to get it fixed.  We spent another hour on the plane while the "indicator" was repaired and inspected, then took off.  Our next stop was Leipzig, Germany.  I'm one of the few guys on board who remember that East Germany was a rogue, enemy state while I was in the Army.  I was in Grafenwoehr in 1989 when the wall came down and I have stories to tell about the East Germans coming to the west for the first time in their lives.  Now, we were landing at an airport that we (NATO) had targeted for attack should war have broken out previously. 

Twenty years has changed everything for Leipzig.  The US Military has built a facility here where AMC (Air Mobility Command) flights can stop over.  There are shops and food courts for us to use.

A historical reference poster on the wall of the facility.

And then the announcement came that the plane was broken and needed fixing, and that it would take over eight hours to repair.  Lodging would be provided, we were told.  So, I'm dreaming about getting downtown to a gasthaus and drinking bier.  Sounded pretty good to me.  And then they opened this door from the lobby to our bunkhouse...


I hadn't seen this type of accommodation since the troop ship we crammed an entire infantry battalion into off the coast of California back in the early 80s.  Needless to say, we're all bummed.  Thank gawd the plane stayed in the air over the Atlantic.  If the plane breaks every time it lands, I fear we're riding a hangar queen of an aircraft to Kuwait.  I miss United Airlines!

No idea when this POS will take off again, so for the time, I'll enjoy my stay in the former GDR.