Ali Al Salem, Part II

Spent two days and nights at Ali Al Salem at the Army Logistical Support Activity (LSA).  Sixteen guys packed into a tent and a lot of snoring.  I slept about three hours the first night, none last night.  I'm exhausted.  The good news is that I've now checked-in at the Marriott Courtyard Kuwait City and the hotel is great -- better than any other Courtyard I've ever seen or stayed in.  It's my first time downtown too and I'll explore it tomorrow night when I'm rested.

 One of the "streets" of tent city in the LSA.  Troops coming and going from the theater pass through here.  I stayed in N5.

Entering the tent.

My bunk.

Probably the only location in the Army that has a McDonalds on post.  Not only that, but one that stays open 24/7 everyday. I wasn't motivated enough to eat a Big Mac at 0300 hrs.