All Good Things End In Time

I'm back at Ali Al Salem and residing in another tent in the middle of a sandstorm.  All military flights heading to Afghanistan leave from here and you have to be signed into base in order to manifest.  Also, there's passport checks and visa requirements that have to be taken care of.  My passport has been turned in to stamp me out of Kuwait and get the pre-approvals to go into Afghanistan.  I'm trapped here.  I have to pick up my passport at 0530 hrs tomorrow, manifest, and then be present for a roll call at 0630 hrs and 2000 hrs every day until I get out.

I'm hoping to fly tomorrow but there are no guarantees.  Sandstorms here or in Afghanistan will prevent flights coming and going.  And there is no guarantee that I'll fly directly into Kabul.  I may end up in Bagram or Kandahar and then forced to find a C-130 flight headed to Kabul.  Nothing is easy.