America's PC (Political Correctness) Makes News in Bahrain

As I was packing my bags at home and preparing for my trip to the Middle East, a local news story ran about a six year old Canyon City, CO boy who was suspended from school and labeled a sex offender. His crime? He kissed a six year old girl on the cheek at school. When I listened to the newscast, I yelled out some major expletives which pissed off the wife. Still, my anger was justified. Colorado's State Education Department needs to be eliminated. We can save the tax dollars spent on these useless bureaucrats who create these bullshit PC rules and regulations and put more money back into educating students. 

This morning, while I was having breakfast at my hotel in Manama, Bahrain, I picked up a Bahraini news rag and read it to see if there was anything interesting. I can usually pick up on local politics and demographic/ethnic issues but you really have to read between the lines to get to them with these cheesy newspapers printed for western expats.  Bahrain has incredible demographic and religious issues and divisiveness most recently highlighted by the 2011 strikes and demonstrations that threatened to topple the monarchy here. You'd never know that from the puff pieces in the papers.  But, I found a column about the Colorado boy in an appropriately titled piece.

Six year old sex offender.

Sigh. Anyway, I've vented enough. I can now move on to more interesting and important American news about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian...