A Dinner Off Fort Benning

I've been stuck in the old Ranger barracks out at Harmony Church at Fort Benning, feeling like a Private.  But, tonight, a friend from my Germany days came south from Atlanta to fetch me and go to dinner.  John Troxel was my boss when I was the Range Modernization Officer for 7th Army Training Center at Grafenwoehr.  We became friends but we lost touch sine I last saw him in 95 when I had a TDY in Atlanta from Korea.  Anyway, this is a plug for LinkedIn, the social media site for business contacts.  I found John again through LinkedIn and, while I mostly use Facebook, LinkedIn does offer some advantages in the business realm.

We ate at Country's BBQ off of Exit 5, the original location and one where I used to eat when I was here at Benning back in 77/78 and 84.

It was great, but I don't need to spend much more time in Columbus, GA in order to enjoy it.

Now, I'm back in the barracks getting ready for a 0615 formation tomorrow morning so we can continue our processing for overseas deployment.