The CONUS Replacement Center (CRC)

The CRC is where Soldiers and civilians process through before deployment overseas.  The Soldiers who go through the CRC at Fort Benning are going without their units.  All divisional units have their own deployment centers at forts across the country.  I'm seeing a lot of reserve and USANG guys going through.  Also, there's a small platoon of DoD civilians who are here going through too.  Contractors like me make up the bulk of the population here.  The CRC processes 500 folks a week for deployment.

These are the barracks we stay in.  Four men to a room, two women to a room -- separate barracks for men and women.  Common latrine and showers.  Just like the good old days of basic training.  Chow hall is in the same complex along with a Day Room where there's TV and pool tables.  Chow is good and plentiful.  My roommate asked for a two-egg omelet and got a 12-egg one instead.

Here's my barracks room.  There's two bunk beds in the room with four wall lockers.  It's fine unless someone snores.  There is someone next door snoring so loudly that I hear him through a brick wall.  Thank god he's not in my room.  Actually, I'm lucky.  I've only got the one roommate and he's a good guy.

Here we are preparing for our 0615 formation to get transported to Main Post for more processing.