PQ and CIF

Went through medical and dental screening today.  The process is streamlined and pretty effective, especially when the cadre has to process 500 folks through it in one day.  The good news is that I'm PQ'd (physically qualified) for deployment.  The bad news is that they shot me up with Anthrax (which I asked to be excluded from -- didn't work) and Smallpox.  I remember the Army giving me another dose of this crap but I couldn't prove it.  So, both arms need exercising.  Oh, and someday I can get a job as a mail clerk in the local post office (Anthrax distribution center).

Then came CIF (Central Issue Facility).  When I retired, I swore off CIFs forever.  That oath has held for 14 years.  Until today.  What a pain-in-the-ass.  Understaffed and undersupervised, the line of Soldiers and civilians drawing their gear and equipment snaked out the doors.  To make matters worse, everyone is issued IBA (individual body armor) now.  This stuff is heavy, uncomfortable, bulky, hot, and confining.  Depending upon one's location, you'll wear it all the time, or not at all.  I'm hoping for the latter, but I suspect the former.  And it's not over yet.  We have another formation at 1700 hrs to be instructed on how to piece all this stuff together (there are 14 separate components that have to be stitched together). 

Lastly, because of all the delays, we ate MREs for lunch, and I know we're getting more tomorrow when we have the Death by PowerPoint briefings (from 0700 - 1900 hrs).

I'll be glad to get to the war zones.  It's got to be easier than this.